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The milk of magnesia is a popular over the counter remedy for human indigestion (acidic stomach), and in the right dose it is a remedy for constipation. We use it often, but can you give milk of ...


Milk of Magnesia Indications. For the relief of gastric reflux, acid indigestion (sour stomach), and mild constipation in horses and dogs. DOSAGE: Horses: Administer 2-3 oz (60-90 mL) orally every 2 hours or as needed for gastric reflux. Dogs: Administer 1-2 teaspoons (5-10 mL) orally every 4-6 hours (antacid).


A better choice for treating constipation in dogs would be a stool softener such as Miralax, 1/4 teaspoon per 20 pounds of body weight, every 8-12 hours, or Colace (docusate sodium capsules), 25mg per 20 pounds of body weight, every 8-12 hours. Milk of Magnesia may lead to adverse effects in some dogs, such as cramping and discomfort.


Administer the right dosage for dogs for treating hives. You can use milk of magnesia for short term relief of mild constipation in dogs. According to a book called, “Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook”, the right milk of magnesia for dogs dosage depends on weight of the dog.


The answer is Yes, Milk of Magnesia is recommended for Dogs in some cases. Milk of Magnesia is the safest thing you can give to your dog if it is suffering from constipation or hyper acidity. It will surely feel better after this medicine. It is beneficial for both, dogs and horses.


According to Pet Education, milk of magnesia, an antacid, is safe to give to a dog when directed by a veterinarian. Though it is an over-the-counter medication, it has not received FDA approval for use with small animals, so dog owners must seek medical advice before dosing their pets.


Can I Give Milk Of Magnesia To My Dog? Yes, you can give MOM to your dog. My veterinarian husband says 1 teaspoonful and don't be surprised if you wind up wearing half of it! (06/30/2008) By Judi. Can I Give Milk Of Magnesia To My Dog? He might need his prostate examined, especially if he isn't neutered.


Yes, it is safe to give your dog Milk of Magnesia. But, you need to find the cause of the constipation as some of these causes can be very serious. I would not give my dog Milk of Magnesia unless directed by a vet.


Considering Milk of Magnesia is white, you should have no problems. ... If you have to give a dog milk goat's milk or a milk re-placer is much easier for them to digest.


The Dosage of Milk of Magnesia for Cats Most vets will tell you not to give more than 2 teaspoons of milk of magnesia per 5 pounds of weight. It is very important to understand that this is not something you should do more than once, meaning that this is something that should work after the first time you give your cat milk of magnesia.