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If you've been bitten by an animal and potentially exposed to rabies, clean the wound and seek medical attention to determine whether you should get the rabies vaccine. If a vaccination is required and you have not previously had the rabies vaccine, four doses are given (immediately, then on days 3, 7 and 14).


Walgreens Pet Vaccine Clinic offers rabies vaccine as well as complete vaccine packages for dogs and cats. We pride ourselves on friendly service and work hard to keep our prices low at Walgreens Pet Vaccine Clinic. At Walgreens pet shots are offered at hundreds of locations each month. We conveniently bring our pet caravans to stores near you ...


Can You Get Pet Vaccinations in Walgreens? As of September 2015, some local Walgreens stores host Shot Vet clinics where licensed veterinarians deliver vaccinations at reduced costs. A participant list that includes Walgreens is on Shot Vet's Clinic Locator page.


Failure to do so can render your pet resistant to future antibiotic treatments, which could prove to be fatal in some cases. With regards to the low cost pet vaccinations at Walgreens, it is imperative that you follow the schedule provided by the Shot Vet veterinarian, as this will ensure maximum immunity and protection for your dog or cat.


This amount of time is necessary to find out your pet’s history, do a thorough exam, talk to you about any potential medical problems and create a treatment plan that works with you. A minute clinic can’t offer this. 2. Having pets “restrained” in a parking lot can be quite difficult, especially with barking dogs around.


You need a flu shot. Fido needs his rabies shot. You now can get both at the same place, at the same time, in South Florida. Mobile animal care clinics run by The Pet Stop regularly set up shop in ...


I found out today that Walgreens provides pet vaccinations, and my little yorkie is due for his last DA2PP and his rabies shot tomorrow, so I was just wondering what's the cost for these two shots? Originally, I was going to bring him to an animal shelter to get his shots done, but it's rather far, and by the time I found out Walgreens will give vaccinations, their pharmacy was closed!


Pet Health Care at Walgreens. Free shipping at $35 and view current promotions and product reviews on Pet Health Care on Walgreens.com.


Cat News, Cats, Dog News, Dogs, Mobile Pet Clinic, pet health, Pet News, Pet Vaccines, The Pet Stop. The idea to provide pet vaccines, like rabies shots, at local pharmacies like Walgreens and pet stores came from the convenience of humans being able to get a flu shot at another location besides your doctor’s office.


Affordable pet vaccinations in your neighborhood. Coming to a neighborhood near you! PVS (Pet Vaccination Services) is a mobile service that brings affordable pet vaccinations to your neighborhood. “It’s easy, fast and affordable”. says Mark, who recently visited PVS with his pet cat Dexter.