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Faint is a term used commonly to denote falling down following dizziness or after loosing consciousness temporarily or permanently hence fainting while asleep obviously cannot happen when we go by the meaning of the word used in common contexts. B...


It is possible to faint while you are asleep, although it is extremely rare. Krediet et al. in a 2004 study published in Heart looked at vasovagal syncope interrupting sleep, otherwise known as fainting while asleep, in an attempt to find the reason.


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Hettinger on can you faint in your sleep: It doesn't matter if your air flow is orally or nasally as long as it is not obstructed, your sleep quality will be fine.


Yes, it does sort of feel like that mixed with fainting feeling. Yeah see for me I can't sleep well on my back either because I just feel my heart rocking my body, so I tend to sleep on my stomach.


Best Answer: Fainting in one's sleep -- no. Fainting is loss of consciousness, and that's what happens when you sleep. But more to the point, you need to visit a doctor. it sounds like they have some knowledge of some of the things that have been going on, but not your issues in the last two months.


Get your blood pressure checked. Sometimes when you are at rest or relaxing, your blood pressure can drop fast and cause a fainting feeling or heaviness. Especially in people with already low but still normal blood pressure.


Hi Ladies, I woke up last night feeling so awful and faint like I would pass out but I was already lying down. It woke me out of my sleep. I felt so weak and almost like I was having low blood pressure.


The differential diagnosis includes sleep apnoea, sleep paralysis, hypoglycaemia, panic attacks, and cardiac arrhythmia. 1 What is not usually considered is an unusual presentation of vasovagal syncope, the most common cause of transient loss of consciousness. 2 Because of current teaching, ...


WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms dizziness, episodes of not breathing during sleep, fainting and feeling of not being able to get enough air including Fainting (vasovagal syncope), Middle ear infection, and Labyrinthitis.


Fainting during sleep brain. Common Questions and Answers about Fainting during sleep brain. fainting. I recently began to feel the symptoms you explained. Fainting in my sleep. Last weekend it happened to me while I was awake and I was taken to the ER. After extensive tests the only thing the doctors could come up with was Magnezium defficiency.