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The Daniel Fast is used as a method of self-deprivation to help individuals draw themselves closer to God. The eating plan followed on this fast is based on Daniel's words in the Book of Daniel in the Bible. This regimen is considered a partial fast because you can eat and drink throughout the day instead of total abstinence — you just have to be mindful about what foods you eat.


A person cannot eat fish while on the Daniel Fast. According to the Daniel Fast website, the diet is basically "a vegan diet with even more restrictions." The diet's official website explains that, when on the Daniel Fast, a person can eat fruits, vegetables and unleavened breads. No meat, yeast, baking powder or soda are allowed.


Since the word 'flesh' can refer to creatures of the land and also from the sea, we would suggest that it would be inappropriate to eat fish or other seafood while on a Daniel fast. Of course, you may eat those items while fasting beef, pork, and fowl, but in that case you should not call it a Daniel fast.


The Daniel Fast is taken directly from the Bible, specifically Daniel 10:1-3, where the prophet Daniel decided to prove that he and his men could be healthier than those who ate foods provided by the king. There are three principles to the Daniel Fast; Daniel’s men ate only fruits and vegetables, drank only water, and had no types of sweeteners.


Quote: "One of the great things about the Daniel Fast is that you are not limited to any specific amount of food, but rather to the kinds of food you can eat. The Daniel Fast is limited to ...


When you’re on the Daniel Fast, the goal is to eat as healthy as possible, but it’s completely fine if you need to use a canned soup once in awhile (Amy’s brand has a few Daniel Fast friendly soups) because you’re pressed for time. I hope this information helps clarify the processed food issue.


The Daniel Fast is based on the fast of Daniel and his companions in the book of Daniel in the bible. It can last 3, 7, 10 or 21 days, depending on the purpose of the fast and your preferences. This is a partial fast in which foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes and ...


Special Note: if you have health issues, please be sure to contact your health professional for advice before committing to any fast. You can print out the list of foods you will be using on the Daniel Fast and take it with you. Daniel Fast is very sound and safe and most practitioners will be more than happy to approve it.


Yes, you continue your exercise program while fasting, however you do want to make sure you are eating a balanced meals on your Daniel Fast. While the Daniel Fast is totally plant-based, it allows for adequate protein if you plan your meals appropriately.


I want to introduce you to a secret healing therapy that can take your spiritual, physical and emotional health to a whole new level — it’s called the Daniel Fast, and it includes many Bible foods that support healing.. Fasting is a natural discipline that can bring supernatural results. I’ve seen fasting work when nothing else will.