The Tab key has a number of different functions, ranging from adding an indentation in a text document to advancing the cursor to the next text box on a form. The Tab key can also be used to advance between clickable ite... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

To close tabs in Firefox, open Firefox on your computer, open a new tab, press and hold the Control key on your keyboard, and then press the W key. Although there are other ways to close tabs in Firefox, this option is e... More » Technology Internet & Networking

With some slight differences, the way you read a banjo tab is similar to the way you read a guitar tab. In both cases, the top line is the thinnest string, while the bottom line is the thickest string. The numbers on the... More » Hobbies & Games Playing Music Musical Instruments
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The simplest method for creating an accent over text on a Mac involves pressing down the letter key on the keyboard. Simply wait for a small menu with accent choices to appear. This method works for any text editor or wo... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

Portable Document Format is a file format created by Adobe that preserves formatting integrity across all platforms and may contain text, audio, video, links and form fields. The PDF file format is recognized and maintai... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

To add an exponent symbol after a number or letter when using a Windows operating system, the alt key should be held down and the code 0176, 0185, 0178 or 0179 should be pressed. The 0176 code is used for a degree symbol... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

To make return address labels in Microsoft Word 2010 or newer versions, use the Labels function under the Mailings tab after creating a blank document, type the return address in the appropriate field, or insert an exist... More » Technology Software