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Poinsettia plants are not suited for cold weather unless they are kept indoors during cool weather. The plant can be damaged by temperatures below 50 degrees. The poinsettia plant is native to Central America. In its natural climate, it sometimes grows to over 10 feet and looks more like a bush or shrub.


But what is the actual cold hardiness of poinsettias? You need to know what temperatures can damage or kill your plant if you are using it as a garden accent. Is Poinsettia Hurt by Cold? In their native region, poinsettias can grow up to 10 feet and produce huge bushes with the characteristic flaming leaves.


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Poinsettias are slow to open, but once they bloom, the flowers will remain full and attractive for several weeks. If the weather is cold, make sure to wrap up the plant well for the trip from the store to the car. Even short exposure to cold and wind can damage your new Poinsettia plant before it is even home.


Would a potted poinsettia survive outside in 40-50 degree low/65-75 high weather? ... They might but Poinsettias are WARM weather plants and prefer to be inside. I would suggest that you put them out in the day time but bring them in at night, just to be on the safe side.


Can Poinsettias Stay Outside in the Cold? Poinsettias should not stay outside in temperatures that are below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. When the plants are moved outdoors in warm weather, they should be placed in a partially shaded location for the first 2 weeks and then moved to an area that receives full sun.


Poinsettias, though able to survive outdoors in California with bizarre weather variations including freezing cold winds, hot, drying winds a few days later, intense rainy periods, prolonged drought, baking heat and inconsistent garden care, are quite sensitive right out of the greenhouses, particularly in flowering mode.


Fall: (October) Poinsettias bloom in response to shorter days. For about 8-10 weeks prior to the desired bloom time, put your poinsettia in complete darkness for 12-15 hours per day. You can cover it with a thick cardboard box or black plastic bag, or move the plant to a closet, but it needs TOTAL darkness for at least 12 hours per day – even indoor lighting will disrupt the process.


The poinsettia is second only to the Christmas tree in popularity as a holiday plant, according to Floridata, an Internet landscape plant encyclopedia site. Poinsettia is a perennial shrub native to the tropical areas of Central America and Mexico. You can buy the festive plants anywhere from nurseries to grocery stores. Harper's grows its ...


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