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• will a tattoo hide my eczema? • will a tattoo cause my eczema to flare up? • can I get a tattoo if I have eczema? Most of the information I have found when researching this topic is from public forums. There is not a lot of researched data, but there is a lot of people with a lot of opinions. Tattoos in general create a stereotype.


Tattoos And Eczema. Though tattoos are generally safe, there are some serious side effects to consider before getting inked. Eczema is a group of skin diseases that lead to itchy rashes. Since tattoos use needles and other foreign objects on and in the skin, they can lead to eczema flare-ups in people with the condition. Though eczema is not life-threatening, it is annoying, painful and can ...


The American Academy of Dermatology reports that tattoos sometimes cause people with eczema to experience flare-ups of their condition. The National Psoriasis Foundation indicates that some states, such as Louisiana, prohibit tattoo artists to work on areas infected with eczema.


I'm looking to get a tattoo on my ankle, but my mom has tried to talk me out of it because i have eczema. however, the eczema is only on my arms and back, therefore i personally dont see a problem. i've just had a number of different creams for my doctor that seem to be helping the eczema a lot. i'm just worried that the tattoo with irritate my skin. help?


I have eczema and use the same crème! It does not seem to affect my tattoo at all! I get eczema on my tattoos all the time - it does seem to be more itchy than normal. And make sure you're not going through a flare up during the tattoo ANYWHERE. I did once, and it made my skin freak out. I sweat when I get a tattoo and that made it all terrible.


Get a patch test done! I have been suffering from Eczema since I was 5 years old. As years passed by and with the help of medication it has substantially reduced. So I decided to get a tattoo in a spot that was clear of all triggers. I consulted the tattoo artist regarding my eczema. He suggested I get a patch test done.


Best Answer: We tattoo people who suffer from eczema. Get with your doc and tell him/her you need an area really cleaned up for a tattoo and get it done. Even if you erupt there on occasion, it should not have severe effects on the tattoo.


But what all people with eczema can and is supposed to do is: take 2 showers a day (luke warm) and 2-3 bleach baths a week because it kills any germs that live on your eczema and skin all you need ...


Tattoo has been rising in popularity – from TV shows, to ordinary persons in the gym! You see them (almost) everywhere and it’s no longer the ‘hip’ or ‘happening’ guys and gals who tattoo. How does tattoo affect your skin barrier? Will tattooing lead to skin rash/eczema and can eczema sufferers have tattoo? This is […]


My Eczema And My Tattoo ... scarred skin can be covered up. Because if people can get plastic surgery to improve their image then why should I not use this medium to improve my self-image? ...