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Can Neptune Sustain Human Life? Neptune, the eighth planet from the sun, cannot support life according to NASA. Being so far from the sun makes Neptune a very cold planet, with temperatures reaching as low as -361.


Of course, it’s just microbial life – but still, life. To find life on Neptune, the planet would need to have a source of energy that bacterial life can exploit, as well as a standing source ...


No, Neptune is not capable of supporting life. Neptune is a gas giant, which means it has no solid surface to stand on or support water. It also has an exposed core of molten rocks and ammonia, so ...


It depends on the organism. Scientists have not yet found a life form that can survive within Neptune's atmosphere. There is also not a sufficient supply of oxygen on Neptune, so humans and other ...


Could a Neptune like Gas Giant support life? Ask Question 8. 2 ... But I don't know if life can really develop without a clear surface, or if the temperatures and pressures would still be too much of a problem (I understand that Uranus has a cooler core than the rest so I though I could do something with that but its still seems to be thousands ...


But from prehistoric times until today, life on Earth changed, and now these conditions are no longer friendly for life as we know it. The inside of Neptune is very hot and liquid-like, but the temperature is as high as 10,000 degrees. Overall, the environment of Neptune sounds very unfriendly to life as we know it on earth.


Neptune is located beguine Pluto and Uranium it is the eight planets starting from the sun. Neptune is the second coldest planet in the solar system because is far away. Neptune is named after the roman god of the sea. The frozen gaseous planet was discovered in 1846 by the German astronomy. Atmosphere. Neptune is the fourth gas giant.


Well, it cannot support "life as we know it." But keep in mind, most of us believe that there is life at least in one other place somewhere out there in the universe, and chances are very likely, they arent going to be exactly like us. So, Neptune COULD support life, the theoretical type of which we are not.


Astronomers say this Earth-like planet can sustain life. Learn about the Earth-like planet that astronomers say can sustain life.


Future Human Travel – Since Neptune is very far away, it took Voyager 2 twelve years to get there, thus we’d be in a space ship a long time and would probably starve to death, run out of Oxygen, or just freak out. There would be no place to land, and the ship would get crushed under Neptune's massive gravity, or ripped apart by its weather.