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In Texas, a minor may drink alcohol when in the presence of his parents or guardian, according to the Alcohol Policy Information System. Such consumption may take place either on private, non-alcohol selling premises or on premises that sell alcohol, as explained by ProCon.


including underage drinking. We hope this information is helpful and we encourage parents to talk to other parents and their children before prom and graduation parties to promote a clear, consistent no-use message. 2 STATISTICS FOR PARENTS Statistics for Parents The enforcement of underage drinking laws continues to be a concern in Texas. Studies


Whether it's cloyingly sweet Manischewitz or a can of Bud Light, is it legal for teens to drink with their parents? The morality of it is certainly a controversial question.Some parents think it's an effective way to teach kids how to drink responsibly, while others firmly believe it's a path to alcoholism.


Underage Drinking Laws Underage Drinking: You Can´t Afford the Buzz Underage Drinking Laws. Minors who purchase, attempt to purchase, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages, as well as minors who are intoxicated in public or misrepresent their age to obtain alcoholic beverages, face the following consequences:


A minor can drink alcohol in the presence of their parents in Texas. Their parents must be there and they cannot get permission to go to a party or a friend's house and drink there without parents. You can still be charged with minor in consumption, but you can use it as a defense that your parents were there.


Can a minor drink in a bar with their parents in Texas? Some bars don't allow it as a "bar rule" but it's actually allowed by law as long as the parent is the one who orders the drink and is ...


Many Texas parents no doubt feel the 21 drinking age is too strict. They know their kids can handle an occasional beer or glass of wine. And wouldn’t it be better to let teenagers drink at home, under adult supervision, than have them sneak into a bar with a fake ID? Parents May Be Criminally, Civilly Liable for “Alcohol Parties”


III. Explanations of the Eight Exceptions to the MLDA: 1. on private non alcohol-selling premises, with parental consent: Underage consumption of alcohol in some states is allowed on private, non alcohol-selling premises as long as the under age person has the consent and/or is accompanied by the physical presence of a parent or legal guardian.


It's one of the seemingly ironclad rules of adolescence: In the United States, you can't drink legally until you're 21. Of course, our underage consumption laws are flouted regularly. More than ...


A Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission spokesperson told KFOX14 it is legal for a minor to drink alcohol in the state of Texas so long as long as a legal-aged parent, spouse or guardian is within ...