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Liquid water just can’t exist in that kind of environment. Any ancient life on Mercury would have faced many extinction events. Here on Earth many past life forms have been destroyed by asteroid ...


Can Life Exist on Mercury? Universe Today describes the planet Mercury as a barren, lifeless rock that cannot support life. Among other conditions necessary for the formation and sustainability of life, liquid water is necessary. While scientists have found evidence of liquid water on a few parts of Mercury, the planet remains inhospitable to life.


Life as we know it on Earth could not exist on Mercury without serious terraforming. Mercury has very large temperature swings, the side facing the sun can reach temperatures of around 900 C, while the dark side can drop to temperatures similar to that of deep space.


Life can not exist on Mercury because it is way too close to the sun, which would make it way too hot. This would make humans die of heat stroke. share with friends.


It's not that life can't survive on extreme planets, like Mercury or Pluto, it's that life as we understand it can't. Life that has originated on Earth require a few basic things, like an energy source, liquid water, adequate building material an...


Can People Live on Mercury? People cannot live on Mercury because it does not have the right conditions to support life, offering instead extreme temperatures and an inhospitable atmosphere. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, and it is also the smallest of all planets in the solar system.


Life can not exist on Mercury because it is way too close to the sun, which would make it way too hot. This would make humans die of heat stroke.


Alternative explanations were put forward to account for the bright areas, but Messenger provided enough evidence for water ice to exist on the planet closest to our sun. The discovery is even more spectacular, taking into account that Mercury’s surface temperatures can sometimes reach 427 degrees Celsius (800 F).


Living on either planet would be quite difficult. Mercury- Mercury is a barren planet with little atmosphere. In many regards it is similar to our own moon. However, it is also very close to the Sun, so humans will have to set up bases in craters ...


But if we had the technology to survive on the planet closest to the sun, what would it be like to live there? To date, only two spacecraft have visited Mercury. The first, Mariner 10, conducted a ...