According to Lutron Electronics, not all LED lights can be dimmed. The packaging must be labeled as "dimmable" and an LED-specific dimmer switch must be used. More »

LED stands for light–emitting diodes, which are semiconductor devices that produce visible light when an electrical current passes through them. LED lighting is different from incandescent and compact fluorescent lightin... More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

An LED light for nails is designed to instantly harden certain types of nail gels to facilitate beautiful and stylish fingernail fashions. There are many different brands available that can be purchased where quality nai... More » Beauty & Fashion Nail Care

High-quality cordless lights include table lamps, work lights, outdoor solar lights, motion-activated row lights and lamps, and ball and egg-shaped lights without any base. These lights run on solar or battery power and ... More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

There are two types of under-cabinet lighting: plug-in and hard-wired. Hard-wired lighting fixtures are more attractive. An easy way to hard-wire under-cabinet lighting fixtures requires tapping into the power of a nearb... More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

Installing recessed lighting requires either the "new construction" method or retro fitting the lighting. The new construction method is suitable for mounting on open jousting by way of included brackets before surroundi... More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting

Use rechargeable light emitting diode lights for illuminating pathways in the yard by placing the lights in areas where they receive full sun for six to eight hours daily and aiming the solar panels to maximize sun expos... More » Home & Garden Decor Lighting