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Diflucan will stay in your system for days. I don't know the mgs you took but after a 150mg it would start leaving your system in three days then you would take another 150mg if Doctor ordered two, that would be six days hope this will help you, maybe someone else can give you more information should your mgs have been stronger.


Can I Take Diflucan With Alcohol? Diflucan is an antifungal or antibiotic medication used to treat fungal infections such as candidiasis, thrush, yeast infections, skin and nail fungal infections, and ringworm. Diflucan is the brand name of the drug, while fluconazole is its generic name.


According to WebMD, it is important to limit alcohol consumption while on Diflucan. Combining the two substances dramatically increases the possibility of dizziness and impaired function. Diflucan, also known as fluconazole, is a fungal and yeast infection remedy. It is an oral treatment that is taken with or without food.


Since both can cause headaches and stomach discomfort, drinking alcohol while taking fluconazole may worsen these side effects. Fluconazole and Grapefruit Juice. The liver breaks down fluconazole ...


Doctors give trusted answers on uses, effects, side-effects, and cautions: Dr. Krauser on can u drink alcohol while taking diflucan: Not to drink while you are on medication. However , i did not find any interaction between alcohol and difulan. Unfortunately it seems you can drink.


There may be a negative interaction between Diflucan and alcohol. 539 Reviews about the risks, side effects and symptoms for taking Diflucan while drinking alcohol.


You can drink some alcohol while taking fluoxetine. As fluoxetine can sometimes cause drowsiness as a side effect, it is possible that alcohol might make you feel more drowsy than usual. Drinking alcohol every day, however, can make the symptoms of depression worse and you will not feel the benefit of your medicine.


Probably best to check with the pharmacist about alcohol too then :P I can't view the link /u/exicon posted in the edit, but the first link doesn't actually support an interaction with alcohol. Both alcohol and fluconazole are metabolised by the liver and both can cause liver damage in large amounts, but they work through different enzymes so ...


Can you drink alcohol while taking fluconazole 150 mg? No, you want to avoid alcohol with this medicine. Fluconazole has been known to cause liver damage in some cases.


If you drink it with the pills, it can make you very sick to your stomach, but you should be fine if you would like to drink the next day. I take fluconazole and my doctor said to eat something with it as it can mess with your stomach. Anything that can make you feel ill on an empty stomach shouldn't be taken with alcohol, but once it's ...