Goldfish can and often will eat bread, but it may cause stomach problems. Commercial flake food made for goldfish provides a safe, balanced diet. Supplement flake food with live food and safe household foods for best res... More »

While goldfish will eat crustaceans, insects, plants and smaller fish in the wild, those that are kept as household pets most often eat commercially made goldfish food. This can be safely supplemented with shelled peas, ... More »

Goldfish eat smaller fish as long as they fit in the goldfish's mouth. Goldfish do not have a picky diet. They eat a lot and go for whatever they can find that will fit in their mouth. This includes everything from fish ... More »

Goldfish are omnivores and should be fed a variety of food types. Their diet can include high carbohydrate goldfish flakes, shelled peas, blanched vegetables, daphnia, bloodworms and brine shrimp. More »

Goldfish may stop eating due to overfeeding, boredom with their food, stress or sickness. Poor water quality or a stressful environment can also make fish avoid food. More »

Goldfish adaptations include the ability to see several different spectrum of light, heightened hearing and eyesight, polarized and motion sensitive eyes, and a lateral line. Goldfish have additional cone cells in their ... More »

Goldfish live in temperate bodies of freshwater and have a preference for murky conditions. This breed is hardy and can endure temperatures near freezing, provided their habitat has enough oxygen and remains unfrozen. In... More »