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Can my dog catch HIV from me? Q and A. Question Can my dog catch HIV from me? 10 August 2007. Related: All topics, HIV transmission. Hi Simon. I am HIV positive. I have a dog at home and worry I might pass the virus to my dog.


But what about dogs? If a dog should lick sweat from an HIV-positive person (or even bite them!) is the dog at risk? Can Dogs Get Hiv? NO! The clue is in the name "Human" Immunodeficiency Virus. This is a relatively delicate virus that is passed in body fluids between people.


No. HIV can not be spread to, from, or by cats, dogs, birds, or other pets. Many viruses cause diseases that are like AIDS, ... What Opportunistic Infections Do You Get With HIV?


Cats have an analogous virus, FIV, but that cannot be passed to dogs either. The only major immunodeficiency I know of that dogs can end up with is Severe Combined Immunodeficiency or SCID, and that's genetic. So, to make a long story short, the answer is no, dogs can't get AIDS.


Can Your Dog Get HIV? The definitive answer to this question is a capital NO! The HIV is an acronym for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and not Dog Immunodeficiency Virus or Animal Immunodeficiency Virus, which should tell the sharp-eyed observer that the virus only attacks humans. The HIV is a fragile organism that is passed from one human to another via body fluids


Can a pet licking sweat or a cut from a HIV positve persons skin cause them to get sick or even HIV but in animal form whatever that may be? (CATS AND DOGS AND HIV, 2009)


So, let's say that there *was* HIV or Hep C virus in the needle. The chances that blood from the needle mixed with blood from your dog's gums are really small. But, even if *did* happen, neither of these viruses can live in dog blood. So, here is what would have to happen in order for you to get Hepatitis C or HIV in this situation:


Can Dogs Get HIV? According to Santa Clara County Public Health, dogs and other animals are not able to get HIV. Some animals, such as monkeys and cats, catch similar diseases, but none of the viruses move between species. Other diseases have the potential to spread from humans to dogs. Oregon State University indicates that there is evidence ...


Home Animals Dogs HIV/AIDS and dogs. HIV/AIDS and dogs By Scott Weese on April 30, 2008 Posted in Dogs, Other diseases. Here are a couple questions that I get periodically… My dog licked someone with HIV/AIDS, and they had an open sore. Can my dog get HIV? Can a dog that bites someone with HIV get infected?


No they can't. They may be able to get a dog version of HIV, but it wouldn't be called HIV and it likely doesn't have the same impact on the dog as HIV has on a human. HIV: human immunodeficiency virus. It can only be passed on to humans, by humans. Dogs may have their own version of an immunodeficiency virus, but it's not HIV.