The Ventures ESL program is an English language learning program. Cambridge University Press creates these and other materials for English as a Second Language learning. The multilevel program offers a practical approach... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Cambridge University Press' Ventures ESL course is available in book format rather than as a live course. You can purchase the course book from the Cambridge University Press website by clicking on the Contact and Orderi... More » Education

The Ventures English as a second language adult education program is a standards-based program featuring topic-specific units, each containing six clearly defined lessons formatted for clarity and ease of use by the stud... More » Education
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East Carolina University, or ECU, offers a distance learning program where students can obtain degrees in more than 80 subjects and certificate programs in health, education, technology and business. The undergraduate de... More » Education Colleges & Universities

As of June 2015, The University of Cambridge offers online courses through its Institute of Continuing Education. They are open to anyone who is interested in the topic and are short, intensive 6-week courses. Students w... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Innerstar University is a virtual program that works with the American Girl dolls. Designed to build self-confidence, the game allows children to experience college life vicariously through the doll characters. More » Education Colleges & Universities

As of 2015, some notable programs at the University of Massachusetts Boston include the undergraduate Honors College program, the Pre-Collegiate and Educational Support Program, and the International Visiting Scholar Pro... More » Education Colleges & Universities