Cow milk that has been skimmed of fat contains 83 calories per cup, according to the USDA. This milk is normally labeled fat free or non-fat and contains 0.5 percent or less butterfat. More » Health Nutrition & Diets Calories in Food

Skim milk is made from regular milk that has had all the cream removed from it. Milk is the only ingredient necessary to create skim milk, but some dairy brands add additional vitamins or ingredients to increase the nutr... More »

Skim milk is not necessarily bad for people; however, some studies suggest that due to its lower caloric content, skim milk does not make people feel as full, so they often consume more food. Skim milk is still an excell... More » Food Beverages

Since there are about 24 calories in 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar and 150 calories in a cup of whole milk, a cup of tea with 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar and added milk contains about 43 calories. This assumes that one adds abou... More »

One cup of cooked steel-cut oatmeal contains 300 calories and 4 grams of fat. One cup of cooked rolled oats has the same number of calories with 5 grams of fat. One packet of instant oats contains 100 calories and 2 gram... More » Health Nutrition & Diets Calories in Food

A cup of dry macaroni pasta has 390 calories compared to a cup of dry long-grain white rice at 374 calories, as state by the United States Department of Agriculture. However, there are many types of rice and pasta availa... More » Health Nutrition & Diets Calories in Food

One cup of regular, cooked long-grain white rice has 205 calories. This number represents 10 percent of a person's daily caloric intake, based on a 2,000-calorie diet. More »