Free calligraphy fonts are available on, and To download fonts from, navigate to the website and click Calligraphy Fonts in the Free Fonts Categories section on ... More » Technology Software

Elegant script calligraphy or old-style cursive are typically used for Latin lettering tattoos. Since Latin is a historically a romance language, when used with these style fonts and combined with unique textual flourish... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

Fancy handwriting fonts, also known as calligraphy fonts, include Respective, Blessed Day, Kings and Queens, Arizonia and Great Vibes. Arizonia and Great Vibes are available using CSS and HTML code. Many other handwritin... More » Education Writing
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To get free Edwardian script fonts, go to, and click the Font Finder link in the top menu. The top menu is located in the upper center portion of the Home page. Enter Edwardian Script in the Search field, an... More » Technology Software

Various free cursor sets come installed as a part of the Windows operating system. As such, users can change their cursors without downloading new ones. More » Technology Software

As of November 2015, several freeware architectural software packages are available for download from their respective websites, including Sweet Home 3D by eTeks, SketchUp by Trimble, and DesignWorkshop Lite by Artifice.... More » Technology Software

The Hewlett-Packard recovery software is available for downloading on and To download the software from, go to the website, click the magnifying glass icon at the top right corner... More » Technology Software