Important service statistics for call centers include the average length of calls, the number of times a customer abandons a call, whether or not the agent resolves the matter for the customer and the total number of cal... More »

Orlando, Florida, and its suburbs are home to more than a dozen call centers, as of 2015. Universal Studios, Sears Holdings Corporation, United Health Group and AT&T all operate centers in the area. More » Business & Finance Industries

When developing a resume for a call center job, include relevant work experience relating to customer service, communication skills, information verification, professionalism and ability to solve problems. Include all la... More » Business & Finance Careers Applying & Interviewing
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One complaint against Choice Home Warranty was for an incorrect $55 charge for a service call, during which time the product wasn't fixed properly, causing a customer to choose an outside contractor to make necessary rep... More »

Expedia does not publish a contact number on its website, but instead offers an option for a customer to request a call from a customer service representative, as of 2015. To access this feature, notes Expedia, hover ove... More »

A blended agent is a technological device that allows for the same agents in a contact center to take incoming calls and complete outbound calls. Blended agents allow for less turnover among outbound call agents in conta... More »

SunPass can be contacted by filling out an online form, calling the toll-free number provided on the website, mailing them or visiting one of their customer service centers during open hours. In addition, SunPass provide... More » Geography