Effective call center management revolves around hiring natural talent, providing positive feedback and scheduling properly. As with most industries, calling center employees need to feel encouraged and motivated while w... More »

Call center quality parameters are derived from standard key performance indicators used by call center management. Common key performance indicators for call center performance include time to answer, call abandon rate,... More »

To get a job at a nurse call center, visit the websites of healthcare companies such as Care-Net, FoneMed and Call-A-Nurse. Open the job applications page to browse the list of available nurse call center jobs. Apply for... More »

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Some of the advantages of call center outsourcing including cost saving, space conservation, getting help from skilled experts, having an around the clock system, easy handling of call overflow and elimination of staffin... More »

Implementing an effective call center quality assurance program requires building or using a call quality monitoring form to identify call expectations, establishing calibration to provide consistency, offering coaching ... More »

A booking agent, also called a talent agent, usually works for a talent agency and networks with people who need to hire entertainers, who serve as the agent's clients. Some job duties may include arranging meetings, sch... More »

A makeup artist needs a website in order to showcase her talent. An online portfolio illustrates the makeup artist's current and previous work and allows the portfolio to be viewed by a large number of people at any time... More »