A caliph is a chief civil and religious ruler in the Muslim community believed to be the successor of the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims or their representatives elect a caliph. Ottoman sultans claimed and held the caliph tit... More » Education

Some titles for traditional Islamic leaders include Caliph, Imam, Sheikh, Mufti, Mujtahid and Allamah. The titles of "Ayatollah" and "Grand Ayatollah" exist only in the Shiite sect of Islam. More » World View Religion Islam

A Muslim caliphate is an Islamic state led by a supreme religious leader who also acts as political leader of the state. The caliphate is ruled by a caliph who oversees the affairs of the people and government in accorda... More » World View Religion Islam
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A Muslim ruler goes by many names such as emir, khalifah, hakim or khalif. No matter what he is called, a Muslim leader is always a representative of Allah on Earth in the eyes of the Islam religion. More » World View Religion Islam

There are many common Muslim names for boys, including Aaban, Aahil, Farhan, Rayyan and Rehan. Additional Muslim boy names include Ahmed, Ali, Haris, Mohid and Waqas. More » Education

Mohammed is the most popular masculine name in the world for Muslim babies. The name means "name of the Prophet" and "a person with many virtues." More » Education

The term "dhimmitude" received extensive attention in an email chain letter that claimed dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling others. The email stated the term appeared on page 107 of the Affordable Care Act of... More » Education