A sample Caliper test question presents four positive statements, such as "I am... a good communicator, responsible, creative, good with people," asking the test-taker to select the statement most descriptive of herself.... More »

Sample questions for the ACT are found at ACTStudent.org and 4Tests.com. There are practice questions in all five subjects, including English, math, reading, science and writing. After answering each question, individual... More »

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Sample chemistry test questions vary depending on the topics the test covers and other factors, such as the grade level and format of the test. An example of an SAT-type chemistry question is, "What type of reaction occu... More »

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Some ideas for interviewing people for a business systems analyst position include asking them to describe their role and success on previous work projects, quizzing them on the differences between technological concepts... More »

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Key strengths include being an effective communicator and a solid problem solver, and possessing a strong work ethic. Being a good decision maker, having organizational ability and being flexible are other key strengths ... More »

The questions that are on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) asks test takers to read statements, such as "Being around people exhausts me" and choose a box on the spectrum from "never" to "sometimes" to "always." Ot... More »

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Questions on Online Therapy’s self-assessment for agoraphobia ask the test-taker about his propensity for panic attacks, avoidance of crowds or situations that remind him of previous panic attacks, and feelings of loss o... More »

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