The California Department of Education was founded by the combined efforts of William Stephens and the 1921 California state legislature. Earlier regulatory bodies over schools in California date back to the original fou... More » Education K-12

As of 2015, the California Department of Education can be contacted by mail at 1430 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. It can also be contacted by phone at 916-319-0800. More » Government & Politics US Government

The California Department of Labor assists job seekers through its Employment Development Department by providing access to a self service jobs database, education and vocational training and job fairs and workshops. Add... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Seventh grade science textbooks typically focus on life science, according to and the California Department of Education. Life science includes topics such as cell biology, genetics, climate and weather, as wel... More » Education

School captains are expected to work with their peers and communities to positively promote activities and efforts of students. The role of a school captain includes communicating with administration, staff and students ... More »

A behavior intervention plan is a proposal that attempts to instill desirable behaviors in a particular child by rewarding his efforts to follow certain rules. The behavior intervention plan is frequently part of an Indi... More » Education K-12

The Louisiana Department of Education ranks Benjamin Franklin High as the best school in Orleans parish, giving the school a performance score of 140.1 out of a possible 150. Edna Karr High School and Warren Easton Senio... More » Education K-12