The California Condor is the largest land bird in North America, with an average wingspan of 9.5 feet and a weight of 23 pounds. It is an extremely rare bird. More » Pets & Animals Birds

Some of the most endangered California birds are the California condor, Allen's hummingbird, bald eagle, black-billed magpie and black skimmer. Other endangered and threatened birds are the Western yellow-billed cuckoo, ... More » Science Environmental Science Conservation

The Sandhill Crane is a large bird that lives in North America and northwestern Russia, and it has a body length from 31.5 to 47.2 inches, wingspan from 5 to 6 feet long and weight from 6.5 to 14 pounds. The bird has a l... More » Pets & Animals Birds
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The speed range of a 747 is 640 miles per hour to 660 miles per hour.The jet is 232 feet long, has a wingspan of 196 feet and weighs 710,000 pounds. It has a range of 6,000 miles and a ceiling of 45,000 feet. More » Geography

The average pterodactyl had a wingspan of 3 feet and weighed between 2 to 10 pounds. Pterodactyls were not dinosaurs, though both groups belong to the same scientific grouping, the archosaurs. More » Pets & Animals Dinosaurs

Birds that mate for life include the bald eagle, California condor, Atlantic puffin, black vulture and the whooping crane. Other birds include the mute swan, scarlet macaw and Laysan albatross. More » Pets & Animals Birds

The largest active-hunting bird of prey is the Martial eagle with a wingspan of 2.6 meters. Among condors, which are also considered birds of prey though they are primarily scavengers, the record belongs to the Andean co... More » Pets & Animals Birds