A comprehensive directory of California cities can be found at www.calif.com/california-cities.php. On this site, you can browse a complete alphabetical list of cities in California and find information regarding travel,... More »

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MuniCode publishes a comprehensive list of city laws and ordinances that subscribers and clients can access using a print-on-demand system. The categories of the ordinances list them first by state, then by city in alpha... More »

After completing the General Educational Development test, a California test-taker can obtain a copy of the high school equivalency certificate or test results by using the online credential request form on the GED Testi... More »

Despite the frequent attention given Southern California cities, some of the state's biggest cities, and some of America's most densely populated, lie in the north. Some of these important cities include San Francisco, S... More »

There are 21 Spanish missions in California, some of which developed into larger cities such as Mission San Francisco de Asis, San Jose, Santa Clara de Asis, Santa Cruz and.San Luis Obispo de Toloso. Santa Barbara, San J... More »

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As of July 2011, California had 482 incorporated cities, with 121 charter cities and 361 general law cities. Three counties lack any incorporated areas whatsoever, including Alpine, Mariposa and Trinity counties. Of the ... More »

California comprises 155,779 square miles of land, making it the third largest American state behind Alaska and Texas. It is divided into 58 counties and is bordered by Oregon to the north, Nevada to the east and Arizona... More »