Some good calf exercises for strengthening leg muscles are the bent-knee eccentric calf drop and the straight-knee eccentric calf drop. Calf exercises also include the calf-raise, the box step-up and the box step-down. More »

According to the NHS, knee-strengthening exercises suitable for runners without existing knee injuries include movements such as straight leg raises while in a chair, squats, lunges and knee bends. For people who suffer ... More »

Achilles-tendon-strengthening exercises are designed to stretch the Achilles tendon. Recommended exercises focus on calf stretches to strengthen the Achilles tendon. WebMD suggests gentle stretching and strengthening exe... More »

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To build calf muscles, these muscles must be targeted through simple exercises that can be done at home. All that is needed is a sturdy chair. More »

Build leg muscles by performing exercises that target the legs, such as barbell squats and deadlifts. Those looking to build leg muscles should also eat a healthy diet and consume more calories than they burn every day. More »

The process for reducing the size of a woman's calf muscles is dependent upon the woman's current activity level, diet and body type. According to In Shape magazine, if calves are large because of an exercise routine suc... More »

Some muscle-building leg exercises to do at home include squats, lunges, step-ups and calf raises, according to Body Building. Using weights or dumbbells can help boost intensity and build muscle. More »