Applying cold and hot compresses, taking anti-inflammatories and avoiding any movement that causes pain are three ways to treat sore calf muscles, according to WebMD. Wearing supportive shoes can also help to ease pain w... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

To build calf muscles, these muscles must be targeted through simple exercises that can be done at home. All that is needed is a sturdy chair. More » Health Fitness & Exercise Muscle Toning

A sharp pain or pulling sensation in the calf muscle usually characterizes a calf muscle tear. Pain is minimal for minor strains but in severe cases, patients experience excruciating pain and weakness. Patients are somet... More » Health Pain & Symptoms
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Medications such as aspirin, anti-inflammatories, antidepressants and narcotics are often used to relieve osteoporosis pain, according to WebMD. Physical and mind-body therapies, such as acupuncture, massage and biofeedb... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Some symptoms of poor leg circulation include pains in the muscles of the calf, hip, buttock, thigh and foot, according to WebMD. Some people experience numbness or burning. Wounds that don't heal right, shiny leg skin a... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Symptoms of a blood clot in the calf, also known as deep vein thrombosis, include swelling, pain and tenderness, especially with standing or movement, and warmth or redness in the affected leg, according to WebMD. The le... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Orthopedic back braces are used to treat spinal and soft tissue injury, aid with post-surgical recovery, reduce pain by stabilizing and restricting movement of the trunk, and support the muscles adjacent to the spine, ac... More » Health Conditions & Diseases