One feature of a moon phase, or lunar, calendar is that it lists the lunar phases for each day of the month. Another feature is that a lunar calendar sometimes includes extra months so that it synchronizes with solar cal... More » Science Time & Calendars offers a graphic moon phase calendar. MoonConnection provides free information about tides, eclipses, NASA moon missions and other moon-related topics. The Old Farmer's Almanac also offers a free moon ... More » Science Astronomy Our Moon

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Even if you cannot see the moon in the night sky due to clouds or light pollution, you can still find out the lunar phase by checking a lunar calendar. Although the lunar cycle lasts roughly a month, it isn't exact and t... More » Science Astronomy Our Moon

To determine the moon's phases by date, use a moon phase calendar such as those available on and These calendars show the dates and times for the full moon, first quarter moon, full mo... More » Science Astronomy Our Moon

Ancient Egypt refers to a long period of time in history, but there is evidence that Egyptian society once used a lunar calendar before switching to a solar 365-day calendar. They eventually used the stars to predict imp... More »

Solunar charts provide information on solar and lunar activity, including phases and major and minor times of animal activity, including dates, forecast and elevation, as well as moon data such as rise, set, overhead and... More » Science Time & Calendars