The most common use for calculus is to predict the way in which a graph grows. The process uses two derivatives of differential calculus to make accurate estimations in regard to where specific points on graphs end up as... More »

Dr. Paul Dawkins, math professor at Lamar University, outlines the topics covered in the calculus 2 course, which build on the knowledge of previous calculus topics such as limits, basic integration, derivatives and inte... More » Math Calculus

In calculus, critical points or stationary points are any values of differentiable functions of complex or real variables whose derivative is 0, f(x0) = 0. In a differentiable function that has several real variables, cr... More » Math Calculus

Relative extrema is a term used in calculus to describe points on the graph of a function where there are minimums and maximums. It can be visualized as representing the peaks and valleys on a line graph. More »

The midpoint rule of calculus is a method for approximating the value of the area under the graph during numerical integration. This is one of several rules used for approximation during numerical integration. More »

In calculus and related mathematical areas, a linear function is a polynomial function of degree zero or one or is the zero polynomial. In linear algebra and functional analysis, a linear function is a linear map. More » Math Calculus

In the real world, calculus is used to build search engines and weather models, to study epidemiology and to construct buildings and bridges. Algorithms derived from calculus also allow searches to be conducted on social... More »