Divide the number of employees who left the organization during that specified time period by the average number of employees employed during the same period of time to find the employee turnover rate percentage. The low... More »

High staff turnover means an organization loses a relatively high percentage of employees compared to those it hires and retains. High turnover is costly for an organization because of the costs to hire and train a new w... More »

To calculate inventory turnover, divide the cost of goods sold by average inventory for the quarter or for the year. Use this information to determine if inventory turnover supports the number of quarterly or yearly sale... More »

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Labor turnover refers to how many employees in an organization leave their position in a designated time period, usually over the period of a year. Labor turnover is measured in a percentage of total workers and is a pop... More »

To find the RevPAR of a hotel, multiply the average occupancy rate during a given time period time by the average daily room rate. RevPAR stands for revenue per available room, and is a financial measure that hotels use ... More »

Net turnover is a value that takes on different meanings across business processes, but it generally refers to a figure measuring the arrival of new employees or total sale volume. According to Jonathan Lister for the Ho... More »

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s historical Treasury rates chart displays Treasury bond rates of return in a line graph depicting rate percentage by time period. Users can select long- and short-term bonds, from one... More »