Calculate a percentage increase by subtracting the old value from the new one, dividing the difference by the old value and then multiplying the quotient by 100. You need the new and old value. More » Math Fractions & Percentages

To find a percentage increase, divide the difference between the new and old value by the old value, explains The result is then multiplied by 100 to give the percentage. More » Business & Finance Financial Calculations

To calculate CPI rent increases, determine the applicable CPI index and the date the adjust occurs, then calculate the percentage of CPI increase on that date and multiply it by the amount of the rent. Some leases have a... More » Business & Finance Financial Calculations
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A percentage increase is found by taking the difference between a new, larger value and an original, smaller value, dividing this difference by the original value and multiplying by 100. The multiplication by 100 convert... More » Math Fractions & Percentages

The percentage of a number is found by multiplying the percent value by the base to get the percent amount, according to the Monterey Institute of Technology and Education. The base is the whole number and the percentage... More » Math Fractions & Percentages

To calculate year-over-year percentage change, or YOY value, evaluate the outcome of two or more measured events and compare them with similar events from another time period. The difference between the specified time pe... More » Math Fractions & Percentages

To add a percentage to a number, change the percentage to a decimal value, and add one to the value. Multiply the number by the result. More » Math Fractions & Percentages