Because different assignments require different amounts of effort and are valued differently, it is important for teachers to give larger assignments more weight in the grade book. To calculate weighted grades, teachers ... More » Math Statistics

How final semester grades are calculated depends on the grading scale and how the different assignments and tests were weighted. To calculate the final grade, the number of points earned so far can be added together and ... More » Education K-12

The grade percentage is calculated by dividing the rise over run and by multiplying the result by 100 percent. In other words, the change in vertical distance divided by the change in horizontal distance times 100 percen... More » Math Geometry
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Educators calculate weighted GPA by assigning higher values to grades in certain difficult classes to reflect the effort a student puts into the learning process. Instead of the standard 4, an A may be assigned the value... More » Education Colleges & Universities

To calculate an average grade, first add up all the individual grades, then divide by the total number of grades. Letter grades or percentage grades can be converted to the 4.0 scale to find the grade point average, or G... More » Math Statistics

Calculate the weighted average of a data set using the formula w1x1 + w2x2 + … wnxn. It involves multiplying each number by its weight and then summing up their products. You need the data values, or x, and the data valu... More » Math Statistics

A student can calculate a semester grade by averaging the grades in the two previous quarters. However, in some cases, the semester grade may include the grades from the previous two quarters and an exam. Typically, in t... More » Education Colleges & Universities