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CAD stands for coronary artery disease, according to MedicineNet. Coronary artery disease is the blockage of one or more of the blood-supplying arteries in the heart. This is typically due to a hardening of the arteries.


"CAD" stands for computer-aided design, which includes computer tools used by architects, engineers and other design professionals. Software is used in the process, as well as occasional special-purpose hardware. Referring to the same process, "CAD" also stands for computer-assisted drafting.


Common medical abbreviations include VC for "vital capacity," UA for "urinalysis," Sx for "symptoms," NAD for "no active disease" and CA for "cancer," according to the National Spinal Cord Injury Association. Other examples include DX for "diagnosis," DNR for "do not resuscitate" and NKA for "no kno


The University of Central Missouri, Eastern Michigan University and Ferris State University are top schools with courses in computer-aided design. Cameron University, the College of Southern Nevada, Idaho State University and Trine University also offer CAD programs.


Medical abbreviations that begin with the letter "a" include: A, artery; ac or a.c., before a meal; AD, advance directive; AK, above the knee; and abd, abdomen. Also included are: AAA, abdominal aortic aneurysm; AF or AFIB, atrial fibrillation; and APAP, acetaminophen.


CAD design software programs that are free to download, such as DraftSight and Silhouette Viewer, are available online from websites such as CNET. Users can search graphic design CAD software by category, price including free and free to try or view the user reviews online.


Doctors use abbreviations on medical charts to reduce charting time, record information in a succinct way and to communicate with other healthcare professionals in the medical field concerning a patient's status or medical care. There are thousands of medical abbreviations used by healthcare profess


CAD or Computer-aided design is the use of software to create two- or three-dimensional designs, while CAM, computer-aided manufacturing, is the use of computer software and machinery to manufacture three-dimensional objects. For CAD users the end product is a design or image. For CAM users the end


MedicineNet.com has a list of medical abbreviations. Another website with medical abbreviations is Tabers.com. Wikipedia also has a list of medical abbreviations, and Dummies.com has a list of 10 medical abbreviations and symbols for emergency medical technicians.


The medical abbreviation "b.i.d." is short for the Latin phrase "bis in die," which means "twice per day" when taking prescription medication, according to MedicineNet. On some prescription labels, the term is written "bid" without periods or in all capital letters like "BID" on the bottle. Similar