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Although basic cable packages may vary by cable provider, basic cable usually includes network channels such as NBC, ABC, PBS and other local access channels. Most cable providers list the basic cable channels they offer on their websites either as basic or starter pack...


Major cable providers, such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable, provide lists of local channels on their official websites. Specialty websites dedicated to providing information on cable and satellite providers such as AllConnect.com also list the cable service providers ...


Download Comcast listings at the company's website, Comcast.com. Select the option to print the list of channels, then save it as a PDF, or take a screen shot of the list to download it to your computer's hard drive.


As of 2015, Charter Spectrum offers more than 200 channels, including Disney Channel, CNN, Syfy and ABC. Other available channels include Bravo, USA Network, Oxygen and E! Charter Cable also offers the Independent Film Channel, AMC, Adult Swim and Esquire Network.


On the major cable television providers such as Charter Communications or Cox Communications, the History Channel is usually part of what is known as basic cable. With Comcast Communications, the History Channel is part of its Select group of channels, while Cox Communi...


Charter Spectrum cable TV channels include HBO, Showtime, Fox, ESPN and MTV. As of 2015, Charter Spectrum offers approximately 125, 175 and 200 channels according to different tiers of service: Select, Silver and Gold, respectively. Select service does not include premi...


Channel numbers vary depending on the cable company. For example, Comcast's Xfinity cable service may have CBS as channel 3, whereas Time Warner Cable may have it as channel 5. To find a channel's number, customers may try searching online for their provider's line up.