Recipes that use cabbage include easy corned beef with cabbage, as well as coleslaw. The corned beef with cabbage requires 30 minutes of preparation and 12 minutes cooking time, whereas the coleslaw requires 20 minutes o... More » Food Cooking Vegetables

Some recipes that use cabbage and potato are Cabbage and Potato Bake, Smashed Red Potatoes With Cabbage and Polish Cabbage, Potato and Bacon Casserole. Each of these recipes, available from the Food Network, New York Tim... More » Food Cooking

A simple cabbage roll recipe consists of combining meat, rice, onion, and spices into a filling and rolling it into boiled cabbage leaves. The cabbage rolls are placed in a baking dish, covered with tomato sauce and bake... More » Food Cooking Vegetables
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Food Network publishes two good recipes for coleslaw to serve with pulled pork or other dishes, including one from “Boy Meets Grill” chef Bobby Flay and another from “Dinner: Impossible” host Robert Irvine. Both recipes ... More » Food Cooking Vegetables

Some popular boiled cabbage recipes are buttered cabbage and boiled cabbage with bacon. Another classic boiled cabbage dish is corned beef and cabbage, an Irish classic. More » Food Cooking Vegetables

Some recipes that use Chinese cabbage as a main ingredient are napa cabbage slaw and stir-fried chicken with Chinese cabbage. Both recipes are simple and easy to follow. More » Food Cooking Vegetables

Some slow cooker cabbage recipes are roasted cabbage and potatoes, stuffed cabbage and cabbage soup. Cabbage with corned beef is also a popular slow cooker recipe. Cabbage is a good source of folates, fiber and essential... More » Food Cooking Vegetables