Use a third-party application called Real Temp to monitor the temperature of your CPU. Install the application on your system, and simply run the program to begin monitoring. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

CPUID's HWMonitor software is a free download that keeps track of personal computer systems, such as voltages, fan speed and the temperature of various internal devices. The purpose of the hardware monitor is to maintain... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

The main reason a computer turns off without warning is overheating. If the CPU, processor or any other component gets too hot, the computer shuts off to protect all its components from the heat. More » Technology Computers & Hardware
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A CPU test examines the hardware specifications, temperature range and stability of a central processing unit in a computer. It first detects the CPU of the system and then puts it under a heavy workload to see whether o... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

While ideal temperature ranges vary between CPU brands and models, most processors should run between 70 and 90 degrees Celsius. Modern processors should not exceed 95 degrees C. More » Technology Computers & Hardware

A computer's CPU is considered the "brain of the computer," being responsible for its major processes, like searching for information, sorting information, making calculations and advanced processes as well as decisions ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Firstly, terminate unnecessary applications. This can be performed from the task manager of most devices with a CPU, such as a Windows computer or an Android smart phone. Using "light" alternatives to applications will a... More » Technology Computers & Hardware