Digital TV refers to technology that broadcasts television content through digital signals that is generally considered to be of higher quality for both audio and video compared to traditional analog signals. Digital TV ... More »

To get digital TV for free, plug the TV set into a set top box and antenna. This allows the TV to pick up signals from digital transmissions. More » Technology Television & Video

Receiving digital TV requires no sign up. All full-power TV stations in the United States broadcast digital signals, and low-power TV stations must switch to digital by September 1, 2015. Receipt of these signals require... More » Technology Television & Video

A high-definition, or HD, player and recorder works by converting analog audio and video signals into a digital format and storing this information by etching or burning it onto the surface of a disc with a laser. To rec... More » Technology Television & Video

Although televisions no longer use analog signals to send video images, they can still be used with digital converter boxes to pick up local channels. The digital converter box connects to the cable port on the rear of t... More » Technology Television & Video

Powering Panasonic products, sending video and audio to external devices, transmitting digital audio signals, and emulating infrared remove control functions are four uses for Panasonic cables. The company produces a wid... More » Technology Television & Video

A set-top box is a small device that generally sits on top of a television set and converts video and audio signals. Set-top boxes are common with satellite and cable television systems. More » Technology Television & Video