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To give vitamin B-12 injections, administer the injection at an injection site, which is the shoulder, hip or thigh, according to Vitamin Injections. The skin should be taut when the needle enters; it helps the needle go in at the correct angle.


Common problems with vitamin B-12 injections include side effects, such as rash, itching, diarrhea, swelling and rapid weight gain, reports Drugs.com. Those who self-inject the medication must learn to administer injections properly and safely dispose of the empty syringes. There is a possibility of


Vitamin C injections seem to slow the growth of prostrate, pancreatic, liver and colon cancer cells in animal studies of high-dosage injections, notes the National Cancer Institute. Human studies of vitamin C injections reveal improved quality of life in patients, including reduced nausea, vomiting,


Adults using vitamin B-12 to improve their mental performance commonly receive a 1,000 microgram injection every day for five days, followed by a monthly 1,000 microgram injection for five months, reports Mayo Clinic. The recommended dietary amount of vitamin B-12 is 2.4 micrograms daily.


Vitamin B-12 injections only increase energy in people who are vitamin B-12-deficient, according to the National Institutes of Health. The vitamin is in most animal-derived foods naturally, and it is added to many nutritionally-fortified foods. Adults need about 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B-12 per da


A Vitamin B-12 injection is used to treat a variety of conditions that result from a deficiency of vitamin B-12, according to MedlinePlus. An injection can be used proactively to counteract the deficiency of vitamin B-12 due to various illnesses, infections or medications.


People take vitamin B12 injections due to their inability to absorb the essential nutrient from foods or dietary supplements. An estimated 1.5 to 15 percent of Americans suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency, reports the United States' National Institutes of Health.


Overdosing on vitamin B-12 injections is extremely improbable, WebMD states. In the unlikely event of it happening, the individual should get to an emergency room or contact a poison control center as soon as possible.


Injections of cyanocobalamin, or vitamin B12, normally get administered daily to start. They are then given every other day for two to three weeks, and then monthly to treat pernicious anemia, according to Drugs.com. Adults with pernicious anemia usually take vitamin B12 injections for life. Dosages


The correct dosage for vitamin B-12 injections depends on the patient's age and the reason for the injection, states Mayo Clinic. For adults with vitamin B-12 deficiencies, doctors often prescribe 1,000 microgram intramuscular injections of cobalamin daily for 10 days, and then reduce the dosage to