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There are several ways to sell pearls, such as at an auction, through an online market, on a peer-to-peer auction site, at a dealer or at a pawnbroker. Selling at an auction is a method which offers the best profit return, as selling prices can easily escalate over value.


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Pearls come in two primary types: natural pearls that form unaided by humans and cultured pearls that humans cultivate with care. Cultured pearls fall into four main groups based on the type of water body and location. These are the saltwater Akoya pearls from Japan and China, the saltwater Tahitian


Pearls form when a grain of sand or small piece of debris enters an oyster shell. Humans can create cultured pearls by inserting an irritant into an oyster shell. In either instance, the oyster coats the debris with layers of nacre until a pearl forms.


To clean pearls, dissolve soap flakes in warm water, wet a soft cloth in the solution, and wipe the pearls clean. Wet a fresh cloth with plain warm water, and use it to rinse the pearls. Let the pearls air dry, and wrap them in a soft cloth before storing.


The value of a pearl can vary from only a few dollars to millions of dollars. Some of the factors that influence a pearl's worth are its type, size, shape, luster and color.


Mother of pearl is an iridescent shell that is coated in nacre. A pearl is formed when a freshwater mollusk coats a particle with layers of nacre. Mother of pearl is worth a lot of money in the jewelry market because it is derived from living creatures.


On average, real pearls are valued between $300 and $1,500. The value of pearls depends on a number of factors including their color, size, luster, shape and variety.


The pearl symbolizes purity and innocence. It is the oldest gem known to mankind and has a lot of folklore behind it, as well as some scientific truths.


In general, pearls symbolize innocence, love, perfection and purity. Gold and black pearls are symbolic of wealth and prosperity. Fresh water pearls are thought to help open the heart to receiving love and to encourage self-love.