Some stores that sell packaged bees and queens include,, and Purchase bee packages, queen bees, and beekeeping equipment, including bee food and medica... More »

Companies such as Long Lane Honey Bee Farms and Bostic Hills Farm offer bee swarms for sale. The swarms of bees come packaged in their own hives to make the process of shipping and receiving easier on both ends of the tr... More »

Building a beehive is the first step in becoming a beekeeper. Planning a beehive involves choosing a type of beehive for your specific needs and constructing the hive. More »

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Packages of honey bees and mated queens are available from websites such as,,, and Packages typically include enough bee... More »

To start keeping bees as a hobby or commercial venture, first gather as much information as possible and look up any city restrictions concerning keeping bee hives. Then, collect the necessary equipment and gear before p... More »

Bees are identified based on size, behavior and appearance. For instance, bumble bees and carpenter bees run 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches long. Bumble bees are black and yellow. Male carpenter bees are black, and females are t... More »

Italian bees are a subspecies of Apis mellifera ligustica. Very popular with beekeepers, they are the most commonly sold honey bee globally. The bees originally come from the Italian peninsula. More »