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There are many options, both locally and online to sell a Movado watch, such as on consignment; at a local pawn shop; in an advertisement or online with Craigslist or local newspaper ads; and on eBay or websites that buy and sell Movado watches, such as Crown and Caliber. When selling a Movado watch


To identify a real Movado watch, owners can check the printing on the watch, examine the watch logo, match the serial number and inspect the watch’s second hand. A deal on a Movado watch that sounds too good to be true may indicate that the watch is a replica.


A Movado watch's authenticity is confirmed by purchasing it from an authorized retailer or by physical examination, according to Movado's official website. An authentic Movado watch purchased by an authorized retailer includes an embossed warranty card with the retailer's name.


There is nowhere to look up serial numbers for Movado watches online, as of 2015. Serial numbers can be verified by contacting Movado's customer service department directly.


As of 2015, batteries are not covered by the two-year Movado limited warranty. Items excluded from the warranty coverage are batteries, straps, bracelets, cases and crystals.


Movado watches are expensive luxury watches produced by the Swiss-based Movado watchmaking company. Movado is best known for its minimalist designs and single dot marker at the 12 o’clock position. Purchasing pre-owned, new old stock and even new Movados from wholesalers and some retail outlets, and


Our team of experts has selected the best Movado watches for men out of hundreds of models. Don't buy a Movado watch for men before reading these reviews. If you want a sporty Movado watch that is handsome and practical to wear in almost any setting, this one has both rugged and stylish appeal. Has


Our team of experts has selected the best Movado watches for women out of hundreds of models. Don't buy a Movado watch for women before reading these reviews. Whether you want a Movado to wear for work, stepping out on the town, or formal occasions, this gorgeous watch could easily become your go-to


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