Liquid nitrogen is available from many industrial suppliers as well as from online retailers. For example, Praxair in the United States sells compressed nitrogen gas and liquid nitrogen in various quantities. More » Science Chemistry Solutions & Mixtures

As of 2014, liquid nitrogen can be purchased commercially from many online retailers, such as Praxair and AirProducts, and it can also be purchased on Amazon. Liquid nitrogen is nitrogen that is held at very low temperat... More » Science Chemistry Chem Lab

The boiling point for liquid nitrogen is approximately -321 degrees Fahrenheit. Liquid nitrogen has a variety of uses but can be dangerous if not handled properly. More » Science Chemistry States of Matter

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, ammonia is a pure substance because it is a compound of the elements nitrogen and hydrogen. The two elements are joined chemically, so it cannot be considered a mixture. More »

Get a nitrogen coupler for beer kegs from specialty beer product suppliers like Micro Matic. Nitrogen couplers are usually unavailable from general home brew supply stores or websites because of their specialized nature ... More » Hobbies & Games

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