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To buy gold and silver, only buy from reputable dealers and know the value of the metals beforehand. Conduct thorough research to find the best prices.


Some ways to sell gold and silver include mail-away operations, hotel gold buys and jewelry stores. These methods all work to get rid of gold and silver, but each has its advantages and disadvantages.


Some places to sell gold and silver include private gold and silver dealers, gold parties and pawn shops. Knowing the value of gold and silver is an important step in determining where the sell the items.


The price of silver and gold is determined by the current spot price per troy ounce set by the world’s major markets. Due to the forces of the international market, this spot price fluctuates throughout the day whenever the market is open and freezes once it closes.


The price of gold does not affect the price of silver. Simple values of supply and demand are all that govern the price of silver. Unlike most other precious metals, the demand for silver is not volatile.


Silver is a pure metallic element, and white gold is an alloy created by combining gold and a white metal. Common metals used in the creation of white gold include nickel and palladium.


Gold is typically worth more than silver because it is in higher demand among several markets, according to JM Bullion. Gold is used more for fashion jewelry, viewed as more of a viable currency than silver and is more desirable to investors and central banks, as of 201...