The butterfly weed is a brightly-colored plant that gets its name from the fact that it attracts butterflies. A popular butterfly to be attracted to the plant is the monarch, which feeds on the leaves of the plant. More » Science Biology Botany

Adult butterflies are drawn to yellow, orange, red, purple and pink blossoms with clustered or flat tops that have short flower tubes, such as garden phlox, butterfly weed, blanket flower and blazing star. Butterflies al... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Outdoor Plants & Flowers

When landscaping a yard, try adding flowers to the entrance to either the back yard or front yard. Vines also make a nice addition to a yard, and sculpted shrubs and other plants around the driveway add an attractive, we... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Landscaping

The rattlesnake weed is an annual plant that is native to India and China. It is purplish in color and has spike-like clusters of small white or purple flowers that protrude from the center of the leaves. More » Science Biology Botany

A pickerel weed is a plant native to North America that is part of the genus Pontederia. Pickerel weeds have blue or purple flowers. The large leaves of a pickerel weed often have a distinctive arrow-shaped appearance. T... More » Science Biology Botany

Itch weed is the common name for the stinging nettle, a perennial herb with pinkish, heart-shaped flowers and bristly protrusions on its stem and leaves. The plant flourishes throughout the United States, along roadsides... More »

Young butterflies are known as larva. They hatch from butterfly eggs that are laid on a variety of plants by female butterflies. Larva may also be called caterpillars. More »