A good thank you note for a customer includes a handwritten note expressing the company's gratitude for their patronage. If the customer is actually a corporation, a pre-typed template can be used. This template can be p... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Business thank-you cards should begin with a personal address to the recipient, such as "Dear Mr. Smith," and continue with a genuine expression of appreciation for service, time or assistance. The note should describe h... More » Holidays & Celebrations

When writing a note to thank somebody for attending a business meeting, the person should open with appreciation and then recap some main points brought up at the meeting, address any follow up plans and have a closing. ... More »

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One way to write a thank you note showing your gratitude is to hand-write the note. This expresses your gratitude by showing you are willing to take the time to elegantly compose thoughts instead of quickly typing them. ... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Thank you notes should include a clear and personal expression of gratitude, specific details regarding the gift and a statement looking to the future. While many people find thank you notes awkward to write, thank you n... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Senders of sympathy notes, cards, flowers, charitable donations and letters should receive a thank-you note from the recipient. If the bereaved is not up to sending a note, a close friend or relative should complete the ... More » Holidays & Celebrations

A good example of an employee retirement letter includes an announcement of the retirement, a formal business tone and a general expression of gratitude or goodwill about the employee's experience working at the company.... More » Holidays & Celebrations