A business plan is a document that outlines how a business works and how it plans to succeed. It is designed to focus the business strategy, to set milestones and goals and to make basic financial projections. More »

An example of a business continuity plan is one that includes a study of business impact, project implementation, strategy creation, and examination of risk and methods of working with the necessary public authorities in... More »

An example business plan for a car wash begins with an executive summary that states the name and intent of the company, followed by sections that outline the management team, the services available and the target custom... More »

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An executive summary is the part of a business plan that explains the position of a business and its plans for success. The summary is key to obtaining investors. It appears first in a business plan, but it is usually th... More »

When writing patient progress notes, document issues relevant to acute medical problems, document the patient's vitals, state the working diagnosis, and list tests, treatment plans and therapies, recommends University of... More »

An action plan layout is an organized and systematic document describing the steps that personnel must take to achieve an end result. The layout supports the users of the plan by clearly defining the time schedule for ac... More »

When writing a nursing SOAP note, document the patient's chief complaint, objective findings from a physical examination or medical tests, an assessment of what is wrong with the patient, and a care plan, states Educatio... More »