Under traditional business theory, the main objective of any business is to make a profit for its owners. Only those business activities that result in the highest profit margin meet this basic objective. More »

Management by objectives is a business model that encourages a team collaboration committed to achieving a company's mission. Each management level identifies a target purpose, which is agreed upon by organizational cons... More »

Accounting has several objectives including being a basis to judge credit worthiness, to measure outcome, to have a permanent record, for planning, for efficient resource use and to make accurate projections. In order fo... More »

One example of a financial objective is to achieve a 20 percent profit growth in one year. Similarly, a company might aim to increase revenue by 25 percent from one quarter to the next. A cost-based financial objective i... More »

A breakeven analysis is important in evaluating a business investment because it allows owners or operators to understand the costs that must be overcome to earn a profit. If the breakeven point is perceived as too chall... More »

To use a profit-and loss template form, input all of the business sales and product costs to determine gross profits, and then subtract all of the expenses to determine the net profit for the period, states Dummies.com. ... More »

To prepare a profit and loss sheet, start with the total income or revenue of the business or company and subtract the cost of goods or products. This gross profit value must then be subtracted by all the expenses of the... More »