Squarespace, a website hosting and design firm, offers a service called Squarespace Logo that makes it easy to design logos for a business online. Squarespace Logo offers an assortment of icons, graphics and fonts to hel... More » and are websites that offer a free platform to create logo designs, as of 2015. Users create logos with templates that can be customized and edited. A fee is required for users who wis... More »

Choosing an effective color palette is one of the most important considerations to make when designing a logo. Symmetry and proportion are also important aspects to consider. More »

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One way to find smiley face clip art is to use image and clip art hosting websites such as, and Additional resource examples include and T... More »

Some famous railroad logos include the shield of Union Pacific Railway, the Memphis Route star and the Norfolk Southern Railway horse emblem. As of January 2016, images of famous railroad logos are available on More »

Some different boat design graphics include pictures of fish and other animals, flame designs, and team or corporate logos. Marine graphics companies also design striping, decorative decals and boat lettering. Images of ... More »

Some popular skateboarding logos include the logos of Blind, Spitfire and Independent. These iconic logos represent some of the largest brands in skateboarding, and many are known even to non-skaters. More »