Sign a greeting card with meaningful words according to the occasion the card is meant for. Different occasions require certain phrases, words of encouragement or celebratory comments. More » Holidays & Celebrations

Popular greeting companies include Hallmark, American Greetings and JibJab. As of 2015, Hallmark Cards is the largest greeting card company in the United States with its products in more than 30,000 retail locations acro... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Most major greeting card companies employ experienced full-time greeting card writers. However, many smaller companies take freelance unsolicited submissions. This can be a good way to break into the business and make a ... More » Business & Finance Careers
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Things to write in a card include a reference to the occasion that prompted the card and something personal between the writer and the recipient, such as an inside joke or a good memory. Appropriate card messages vary de... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Some online greeting card companies enable customers to add a personal photo to their cards in order to customize them, whether it's a thank you card, an engagement announcement card, a birthday card or a card for anothe... More » Holidays & Celebrations

To make an online greeting card, find a website that offers card templates, or use an online software program to create an individualized card. Some websites, such as, offer card templates that are free to p... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Generic messages for a congratulatory greeting card include, “This calls for a celebration,” “You did it” and “Hip, hip, hooray!” Often, the best thing to say in a congratulatory greeting card depends a great deal upon t... More » Holidays & Celebrations