Business emails should include a very clear subject line, a formal greeting with the person's title, a focused message in the body and a formal salutation to conclude the letter. The language in the letter needs to be as... More »

Western Michigan University (WMU) maintains an online primer showing how to compose various types of formal business reports including memos and expense reports. These reports are used for internal communication within b... More »

Traditional business formal is a dark suit for men and a dark pant suit or dress and blazer for women. While business casual has changed through the years, business formal attire is still the same, with companies expecti... More »

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A praise letter includes a proper salutation or greeting, an explanation for the purpose of the letter, a specific account of the reason the person deserves praise and a closing line with a signature. Depending on the re... More »

The components of a letter of attestation include a title, date, the name of the recipients, body, salutation and signature of the sender. In most cases, the sender’s address is not necessary unless advised otherwise. More »

The main guideline for basic letter writing, such as a business letter, is to follow the standard format, which includes the sender's and recipient's address, the date, salutation, body of the letter and closing. Writers... More »

To write an appeal, address the letter to the person overseeing the appeal process, provide a salutation and outline the reasons for the appeal request in the body of the letter, recommends San Diego State University Off... More »