The business development process involves finding people needing a service, building relationships through trust and credibility, discovering the appropriate solutions and offering services, reports the Canadian Bar Asso... More »

Become a business process analyst by obtaining a bachelor's degree in business or computer science, gaining experience in systems development and moving into a junior business analyst position. Additionally, consider obt... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

According to the Regional Development Agencies Act of 1998, Regional Development Agencies were created to be the strategic driver of economic development and prosperity in their region. Their responsibilities were to fur... More » World View Social Sciences Economics
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The process for starting a restaurant business involves conducting research to determine the basic concept and service style for the establishment, creating a business plan that includes a growth strategy, and hiring key... More »

Though some aspects of starting a small business online may vary depending on the industry, the process generally involves creating a business plan, registering the business with local agencies, creating the product or s... More »

The process for writing an effective nail salon business plan includes thorough competitive analysis of other salons in the area, determining what makes the salon different and unique, and describing the specific service... More »

The Small Business Administration guides people through the process of creating business plans by identifying the basic parts and advising how to efficiently develop those elements. The SBA often advises people to consul... More »